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East Tawas Assembly of God

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(grades k-6)

An interactive service for students Kindergarten through Sixth grade, we use Grow Curriculum which is a very interactive service filled with ways the kids can participate in going through the Bible!


As a church, we are dedicated to Proclaiming and Practicing the Kingdom of God on Earth. We teach our KidCity kids to Walk according to the Word of God and Talk about the Word of God.


Our goal in KidCity is to create a 100% turn around in leaders.  As they leave our ministry they are being plugged into ministries within the church.  How we do this is we allow our 4-6 graders a chance to lead in service.  They are the Worship Team/Sound and Media Team/ and also lead segments of the service.


We are posting our "Big Idea" and "Parent Tip Videos" to our KidCity facebook page each week so make sure to find us on facebook.





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(ages 3-5)

We have created an environment for your child to grow and to connect with God and others in their age group.  Every service we offer a teaching of the Word. We also offer a small group time where the kids can have a chance to share what they have learned.


In the same way, we are teaching pre-k children to walk and talk the Word of God. Also continuing the goal of kids serving so that they can be ready to connect in the next season of their life.  We are in the process of using our old 5yr olds as a worship team or computer.  


We want three things in all of our ministries. For your child to connect with God! For your child to connect with those in their class! And for your child to leave this ministry ready to connect with those in their next ministry...


(ages 6mos.-2)

We believe that a child is developing their brain the most from birth to 3 years old. So we want to make sure that during that development we get a chance to share with them the Word and the love of God.


So we bring an interactive service for kids ages 6 Months through 2 years old. In this service, leaders take these kids on a journey through the Bible as a character that these little ones can relate to and enjoy.  


Our goal is to prepare your child in such a way that they are ready to move up to their next class. We are focusing on a seamless transition for your child from 6 months till they are in the adult service.