(grades k-6)

An interactive service for students Kindergarten through Sixth grade, we use Grow Curriculum which is an interactive service filled with opportunities for the students to participate in going through the whole Bible!


Three goals in KidCity are!


One, to follow the vision of our whole church as unity amongst the body is very important to us. 


Two,  to create an environment where students can teach students. If a Student can lead other students in church then they can do it in school/community/home. We do this by giving kids 4th-6th grade an opportunity to lead segments of service.  We also do two 10-week discipleship courses during the year for those in 5th-10th grade.  We call this KC Central and it has been creating student leaders every semester.

Three, the most important of all to create a way in which a student can connect with God in a relationship that will last throughout their lifetime.  Growing throughout the weeks as parents and students take what we are teaching and reflect through the week.  We also are very interested in the parents connecting in a relationship with God in the Worship Service.  So we create a safe environment where you may have an uninterrupted service, and a chance to go deeper in your connection with God. 

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East Tawas Assembly of God

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